Sarah Koenig’s Serial Podcast

Sarah Koenig’s podcast, Serial is a regular program where she is the host and executive producer. In her first season, Sarah investigates the murder of Hae Min lee who is believed to have been killed by Adnan Syed. During this podcast, Koenig uncovers some truths and clues that determine whether or not Adnan is guilty or not guilty.

Personally, I enjoyed listening to Sarah Koenig’s podcast Serial. This is because I liked listening to the investigation process and the podcast was a new medium of storytelling for me, which was exciting. Third, I liked this podcast because I was able to use my imagination to think about what the situation would look like.

The podcast has Koenig describe her investigation while giving her own opinions and ideas, while investigating others who do the same. I think that Koenig shared her journalism in the format of a podcast to show the bias opinions and ideas of others. There are different viewpoints about the investigation that have the listener decide on what perspective they personally believe in. The question of whether Adnan Syed is guilty or is innocent is up to the listener. However, the amount of bias coming from the witnesses drives the listener to keep hearing the podcast. Koeing does a great job of being unbiased in her show. She takes the extra mile to further investigate and find facts.

However, not all listeners would take interest in this podcast. Specifically family members of the murderer who’s innocence is being pursued as well as being questioned. I believe those who are related, or is fond of the victim Hae Min Lee, would not like the podcast either.

Overall, I would think the victim’s family would feel uncomfortable of the podcast. It would be hard for the family to listen to the murderer’s (believed to be the murderer) side of the story. The podcast does not only talk about the death of the victim, but also Adnan’s intentions with Hae, who was involved and even describes where, when and how she died. This podcast would be very hard for the victim’s family to listen too because of how unsettling it is to know how specific the murder was.

Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee.

Although the podcast presents some dark themes, I would prefer to listen to a text rather than read the text. I find that listening to a text makes me imagine the scenario better and faster than if I were to read about it. The benefits of listening to a podcast is that it is easier to follow along with the story. Listeners can better understand the events of the story through the tone of voice of a character. However, podcasts are not very descriptive compared to text. A book is able to contain selected words to specifically describe a scene. The author has time and skill to write it. This results in a book that describes a story with much more detail. It allows the reader the opportunity to imagine what that the author wants them to think about.

In the podcast, Koenig opens by talking about the challenges of memory and remembering past events. I for one think that if a long time passes, it would be hard to recall a specific moment. However, references and recollections helps me think back to some things that I wouldn’t typically remember. The issue with this, in relation to the podcast, is that it makes me question if the witnesses in the investigation can accurately remember events clearly. This strikes the question whether or not the people involved with the investigation are creditable or not.

I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in investigations and mystery.


Get Prepared with University Level English

Build a foundation to develop the skills needed to be able to apply key concepts, argue with facts to persuade or support opinions without bias while analyzing various media available to do so.

Grade 12 University Level English is needed as a prerequisite when being considered as a high school student applying for any program in any Canadian University. (photo was obtained from:

Grade 12 University Level English is a must if I hope to be accepted to any undergraduate program in any Canadian University. There are three basic skills that I need to demonstrate to the admissions people standing in front of my gates to higher learning. I need to have communication, literacy and critical thinking skills.  I found this out last year when I was a Grade 11 student by looking at several university admission charts across Canada. The universities I looked at where London’s University of Western Ontario, the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Ottawa’s University of Ottawa and Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. All of these admission charts lists English4U at the top of the list as a requirement. I bet there are plenty of people who share my sentiment and ask the same question: Why do we need English4U when applying to a program in university that does not include one English course in the first year?

Now that I am a Grade 12 student and curious, I did some digging to find out why.

Time to find out why…..(photo obtained from:

The goal of English4U is to develop the skills in order to demonstrate understanding in various elements being confronted with in higher education.

That is how I show that I did actually learn something on the subject matter that interests me.

Universities rely on students to be able to demonstrate their abilities to absorb what they are putting down.


This is why the foundation of building blocks to the English Curriculum has been consistent throughout the high school grades.

Building a foundation to develop the skills needed to be able to apply key concepts, argue with facts to persuade or support opinions without bias while analyzing various media available to do so.

Looking at the chart I made, I learned how to expand my understanding when reading and writing by using my communication, literacy and critical thinking. These are the skills being further developed when in an English4U course. These skills are exactly what every University is looking for. From all the Poetry, Plays, Essays, Dramas, Fiction and Non-Fiction Books I’ve studied through out my high school career, I am now able use my understanding of them to demonstrate my ideas, themes and concepts. Through my analysis of different kinds of media works I can create an effective argument or statement.

These are all transferable skills necessary to succeed in any course or program.

It would be interesting to know what other Grade 12 students feel about the reasons why English4U is so important.